Thursday, January 7, 2010

Russian-Style Junk Food

It seems that every culture has its own tastes, and marketers are quick to test new flavors in different markets. For example, here in Russia, I've come across a few interesting flavors of chocolate bars and potato chips.

The picture above shows a bag of shashlyk-flavored potato chips. Shashlyk is a type of meat kabob that probably originated in the Caucasus but today is popular throughout Russia and Central Asia. These chips are flavored with the vinegary, meaty taste of shashlyk, much as American chips often come in barbeque flavor.

I have also tried a Snickers bar with hazelnuts instead of peanuts. However, the taste is a bit more gourmet but seems to lose the essence of the Snickers bar (in my American opinion!).


  1. Red caviar potato chips -- unbelievably good. Once you get over the fact that they sound disgusting....

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  4. The creativity of the people behind such products as the shashlyk-flavored potato chips and Snickers with hazelnuts is quite impressive. This inventive spirit, however, can be put to better use if they focus their attention on developing healthy alternatives to such everyday snack items.

    Hamish Liddell

  5. Junk food kills little by little, if you supposed to live 70 yrs you will live only 60 yrs. If its only once in a week and you do exercise other 5 days than you are all Okay.