Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A traditional Tatar dessert that is also popular in other parts of Russia and in nearby countries is Chak-Chak. In some ways, I can liken it to a giant rice-krispie treat. The dessert is made with a dough of flour, sugar, milk, and eggs that is cut into small pieces and then fried. Next the pieces are coated with a honey/sugar mixture and formed into a shape. Here in Tatarstan, you can find different shapes of chak-chak sold as gifts and party desserts. Usually they come in the form of large pyramids wrapped in festive paper with bows.

The picture below shows a less festive square-shaped mass of chak-chak. Although it may appear that you could eat the pieces of chak-chak individually, in fact, they are all bound together by the honey/sugar mixture, much as the rice krispies in a rice-krispie treat are bound together with marshmellow. To eat chak-chak, you need to pull off a piece or cut it with a knife. The flavor is pleasantly sugary and doughy without being sickeningly sweet.

For a recipe, see this link.


  1. Didn't people make this in Uzbekistan? I'm pretty sure I ate some there...

  2. Very interesting... The dough, and the way you cut it into strips and fry it, sounds a lot like "hvorost." Have you ever had hvorost? I only had it once or twice as a kid because my mom always gravitated toward making somewhat healthier desserts, so I barely remember what it tasted like, but here is a link to one of the many recipes on the web:

  3. Kristina -- Yes, I think it is also a popular Uzbek thing. I think I had it there, too, but I don't remember exactly what it was like... Do you?

    Irina -- Hvorost sounds good! I'll try out the recipe. Thanks!

  4. hi there, i happened to stumble across your blog- love it! i'm an amerian that lived in moscow for 5 years and i am married to a tatar russian that i met here in texas. he's been craving some of his mom's cooking and i was looking for a recipe for chak chak. thanks for a fun blog- brings back memories! :)

  5. A friend travelled to Kazan and bought me a box of Chak Chak. It is delicious¡¡¡ :-)